not meant to be

we pretty much knew that wors #5 was out of the question for us with the start times, etc. one of my previous posts shows my excitement for the times being changed... not to mention how great all of our friends are. thank you so much to all that offered to watch casey and zoe while we raced.
racing was sort of put in doubt when we had zoe in the e.r. no biggee... but then after being hyrrated she made an almost miraculous recovery. she woke up nothing like the same kid we brought to the e.r. the previous night. sweet if this continues, race on. then friday night casey complained that her stomach hurt. we thought it was her wanting attention since lately she's complained of feeling slighted. she said zoe gets all of our attention and she never gets any. but then she refused ice cream. she never refuses ice cream. she's either the worlds best faker or she was really sick. unfortunately it turned out to be the latter.
she spent ALL day saturday on the couch, sleeping. she never moved.
i still hoped (aren't i terrible?) that there was still a chance of racing. i knew deep down that we weren't going even if she felt better, it just wouldn't be right. but still i couldn't admit that we were defeated.
sunday morning we asked how she felt. she said her stomach still hurt. no go.
at about 10:30 or so she started to come around. she wasn't nearly as warm and she started getting a little more life in her voice.
she talked of the zoo and wanting to touch the stingrays. after we were sure she was feeling fine we loaded up the car, picked up reese and headed to brookfield zoo.
we touched the stingrays and the sharks (which is fucking awesome- you must go). we saw the elephants, rhinos, monkeys, gorillas, giraffes and many more.
you couldn't ask for a more perfect day weather wise- that is until you decide that after the zoo you are going for a bike ride. my mom said yes to keeping an eye on the kids. shortly after i hung up the skies let loose. so instead of being on the much needed bike ride (i've ridden once since mt. morris) i'm typing a blog entry.


Sara said...

Bummer... twice. No race and no ride. The zoo looked fun though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry we didn't see you! Maybe next week at Levis?


Girl Goes Biking and Vegan! said...

I love the zoo. I need to go the one in MKE, it's been so long!