ho hum

i feel the need to blog yet have nothing to blog about.
i'm not looking forward to alterra this weekend which is ashame. i haven't raced in so long you'd think i was desperate no matter what. i'd rather go here. it looks rad. after my flat at eau claire i've lost interest in wors points for whatever reason, but i don't think john has.
i'm sitting here at my desk wishing i had a whatchamacallit. i totally have a taste for one.


Tom K said...

DINO always seems to have good courses from the few we have raced.

Noel said...

Watchamacallits are my all time favorite candybar. I swear. I am in charge of facilities where I work which includes vending and I always make sure the vending lady stocks up on those, Butterfinger Crisp, and Peanut Butter cookies.

spicyride said...

do you remember when they did NOT have caramel in them?