ummhhh. thursday.

work from home day. ooh it's been a rough one. not a lot done, but luckily i'm having a pretty light week. zoe's been a bit tough today. lack of sleep has made her the zo-monster. i've either been holding her or she's been standing at my legs screaming "mommy mommy up up" over and over. luckily she just had a decent nap as opposed to her 1/2 hour one at lunch. i've been able to blog, catch up on email (work) and stans my dt190 wheels while she's played (and helped).
ride tomorrow 7am palos. hope i can make it.
p.s. you can not have nice things with kids. i just want to scream right now.


D A N O said...

Kid stuff.
Been there.
Done that.
Three times.
I'm done now.
I have nice things.