we have two trashed wheels (rims) from 24-9. it's sort of irritating, we don't build wheels. i need to get moving on that. two bikes are down n out right now and that drives me crazy.
i rode for an hour last night on my road bike. as much as i hate the aesthetics of the terry saddle it's the best one i've had on there so far. it's just too wide in the back. i can feel that on a longer ride my thighs are going to hate it. they get a little pinched not to mention they rub. i have a narrower one, i'll have to try that one. but i'm afraid that might be too narrow.
my house is a wreck. i'm not even sure where to begin... we have windows being replaced and our garage door being replaced soon. i thought i wanted the 4 rectangles on the door instead of the 8 squares so i went with the rectangles, now i think i like the 8 squares better. but john likes the rectangles. meh. i guess these are good problems to have.


Chris said...

Can't you just switch wheels to get at least one working bike? Ha, ha -- I'm with you. I haven't even begun to tally how much this weekend is going to cost me to replace tires, wheels, saddle, etc. Ouch. And with a crazy week at work for both of us, the laundry has piled up and we can't even see our living room floor. Crazy -- should have planned for recovery, not just for the race!

spicyride said...

john wrecked his 190 wheel and then took my ferrous wheel and wrecked that... so no. sucks. & yeah we still have shit everywhere!