end of the weekend

we hit carpentersville earlier today with the girls. i thought i had never been there but as we pulled in i recalled how much i hated it. we were there two years ago.
i guess the course isn't all that bad, but trying to walk around with the kids was a royal pain in the ass. there was course tape everwhere and no easy place to cross once it was started. meh. i was a crab ass today anyway.
i missed the poker ride. i knew i wouldn't be going, but still bummed i didn't go.
i napped when we got home from the race. i felt like shit. when i woke up i got dressed and hit the mesa. i'm glad i did, i know come tomorrow i'd regret not getting out at all.
trying not to think about all the fun we missed out on at beechwood. but i can't complain. we do a lot.
zoe is sick. i'm listening to her hack up a lung now. to add to that apparently no kid under 6 should have otc cough drugs. i'll have to look into that.


bubba said...

Don't worry about that cough med scare...I took all kinds of cough meds when I was a kid and nuthin' ever happened to me...

Yeah...on second thought you might want to check that out.

A late happy birthday too.

Tom K said...

happy belated b-day