i'm surprised blogger hasn't given me a warning for lack of posts or something.
i miss blogging. but right now i feel like if i kept up on it, all i'd do is bitch about the weather and how my pants don't fit.
i can't control the weather but i can surely control how well my pants fit.
christmas is creeping up quickly. quicker than it usually does. i thought this year it fell on a thursday/friday... i'm not sure why, but that combo of days felt way farther away compared to the wednesday/thursday it really is. i still have some christmas shopping to do. little odds and ends really. and then wrap. ugghhh.
no new bikes or even parts for john or me. seems odd. we usually have something in the works. i've toyed with selling my road bike considering it has maybe 100 miles on it and it's over a year old. but then i'd buy another for those couple times i needed a road bike. but then i think i could just ride my cross check.
i almost don't feel like dealing with putting a new bike together. i'm almost dreading the work i have to do to my own. orange wheels? dt wheels? new xx or stick to the old? leave the 25.4 or put the new 31.8 on?
thoughts of next year have crossed my mind occassionally. not as much as in years past and i'm not sure what to think of that. i think i'd like to do more riding next year. ride places i've never been or haven't been to in awhile. who knows. it's only december. it's fucking freezing outside which doesn't help my dreams of riding singletrack colored in greens and browns.


Tom K said...

i hate winter

Sara said...

I know a place that has lots o greens n browns.

spicyride said...

yes sara i know... buy me a plane ticket and i'm so there.

claire said...

I feel you. The winters here make ever second spent riding in the spring/summer/fall that much better.

But, then... I get all guilty sometimes when the weather is perfect and I'm sitting around... I know I'll be hating not being able to ride in winter.

My pants may not fit, but at least right now I'm spared the guilt. Because if I go outside at all in December I feel like a *-ing rockstar.

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