I've struggled with this forever. Move up or not?
I told myself after Wausau that if I placed top 5 in an upcoming race I have to move up to Cat 1/Elite the next one. So that means the Border Battle I'll be moving up.
I want to but don't. I've witnessed so many gals move up to the elite level only to stop racing because they hated it. I don't want this to happen to me.
But I don't want to race sport anymore either. The only time I've really been out of the top 10 the past couple years was a mechanical. I almost feel guilty hanging around.
Not really sandbagger. If you look at all of our times, none of us are killing it.
But I so love sport. It's so fun. It still really challenges me. I'm not saying Elite won't be fun, because I really don't know, but it definitely has always been a different vibe.
I know I'll be struggling in the back; I just hope it's a fun struggling.


MTB Girl said...

Awesome race Rachael. Do what your heart tells you in terms of moving up. Having been there, I know it's a whole different animal. Unfortunately some of us get lost in the shuffle, don't feel comfortable, stop training to our potential. . . .it's a vicious cycle. Personally I think you have what it takes to ride with the elite women. But, I'm JUST fine with you lining up next to me in sport. Whatever makes you happy. It's all good. :-) I only hate you becuase you're so freakin' fast without all the training. Not because you whoop my butt in Sport. :-)

madisongrrl said...

Sweet. You are much faster in singletrack than many of us who partake in the 1:30 race. If you get a few more endurance and climbing rides in, you will be fine. The comp men situation is a whole different story. I grow a thicker skin with each race and that seems to help.

joeyTWOwheels said...

As much as you might struggle with Elite, think of the girls who are just struggling with Sport. It's time for them to have a chance, too.

Besides, you're "superman fast" as my boy PJ likes to say.

mtbVegan said...

I am so excited to be racing with you again! You are an awesome rider and I know elite is tough, I've struggled this year and have had good and bad moments too. There's a steep learning curve and I think I'm just starting to figure some of it out.

But, at the end of the day, only move up if you think it'll be fun. Fun is why we all race anyway. I have to remind myself of this many times but even when I suffer and bonk I can at least look back and learn something...and hope for a better showing next time.

I can't wait to line up next to you again!!

Neil said...

If you want more of a challenge I would say move up, but if you are saying that sport it challenging enough stay in sport. I have enjoyed racing with you this year, even though I don't see you much on the course.

spicyride said...

I love all you peeps. Why does this have to be so hard?
If it weren't for the comp men I don't think I'd be stressing really.
Last place doesn't scare me whatsoever.

mtbVegan said...

Most of the comp guys are pretty good, I haven't had any issues with the comp men, it's actually been Junior X that's caused the most issue and they're getting much better! But on the bright side the Open SS gets by first and those guys are awesome!

vegan said...

I've only done 3 WORS races this year but most of the guys have been good about passing. Of course, I still stressed way too much before Alterra. It's all fun. = )