A wreck.

My bike and body are wrecks.
My foot still isn't fully healed from hitting the tree a couple weeks ago and yesterday I bruised my right thigh pretty good.
My bike needs a lot of crap maintained and I'm just not in the mood. The Industry Nine wheels continue to piss me off. I either get ghost pedaling or the rear wheels loose. I get maybe 2 weeks time of perfection and then back to adjust. ANNOYING.
The whole bike is creaking- housing, bottom bracket, headset. Basic maintenance. But still, boring.
As far as my body... 10 miles at the mesa yesterday with John, Bubba, Goat, Mitch, Gage and Ryan and I'm spent. It seriously made me rethink my choice of moving up.
I fell over the first log crossing. That didn't do anything but make me dirty.
Then while the others rode over the log ride I went to turn around. Tight turn, slow speed, front wheel hits root, my thigh lands on said root, saddle slams into inside of thigh and OW. I'm trying not to be a big baby about it (because I am) but it throbs, it hurts to walk and pedal. I'm so annoyed that something so stupid can be this annoyingly painful. However, I am glad I don't look like this:

I still plan to ride later. Road (that hasn't seen pavement for over a month- what a shame), MTB, who knows. The only thing for certain is I will sweat my ass off. Hello it's 86 but feels like 95. High of 96 and I'm sure will feel like 108.


ZMoney said...

Look on the bright side. At least it wasn't nose of seat into rectum