Trainers are lame

I rode the trainer today. I hate the trainer. I do admit that it sometimes gives me the option of a cycling workout without spending a half hour to get dressed, but still I hate it. I almost with we didn't have one. I feel guilty if I don't ride especially after seeing everyone internetting about their bike/training rides.
I'm not sure whether I should be jealous of you people who can sit on it for hours... or be glad I'm not psycho like you are.
The weather was nice today but we had other plans, just no time. I need to suck it up here at some point and just find my winter clothes and head out. Our roads here are depressing so it makes it harder to get motivated.

Nothing big going on. I'm putting XX on my Eriksen right now. John has a new race frame this year so we need to start acquiring parts for that. I'm hopefully getting a new cross bike and then frame at the end of summer. We celebrated Casey's birthday party last weekend. It was amazing. John and I are going to visit Zach and Sara in AZ next month. I'm stoked. Tickets weren't too bad and we've been dying to get out there. Not only for the warmer weather but we miss them. We need to decide whether we're shipping our bikes out or riding theirs.

Other than that nothing new. I'll try to get some pics of stuff and post them at some point. Maybe update here more often.


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