Holy Shit... and I ♥ sheep

I rode outside today!

I didn't get a chance to ride on Saturday so today it had to be. I knew there was a chance of rain so I decided to run my errands later.
I hadn't been outside on a bike since the last CCC race at the beginning of December. Finding my clothing didn't take as long as I thought it would, but still.

First I have to share my shitter morning. I woke up earlier than usual to make some pancakes so I'd be fueled for my ride. I just about finished, there were 2 cakes left on the griddle, when I moved the batter bowl into my french press which was brewing my coffee. FUCKING THING TIPPED OVER. Coffee grounds and water everywhere including all over my freshly made pancakes. Surprisingly I didn't flip my shit. I just calmly put everything in the sink, cleaned everything up like it didn't happen and started over.
What a mess. Coffee grounds are the worst.

So after eating and internetting for a bit I decided to get my arse in gear to head out. I had an idea of what route I'd take in my head but it wasn't very detailed.

I pretty much fail as a roadie. To get to 76th ave I decided to take the path from 135th street. I knew it was going to be shady but a part of me wanted to have the thrill of almost falling and having to ride in the grass. Slicks on snow and grass kinda suck. But whatever. It was actually worse than I thought it would be. Really wish I had a cross bike.

Finally made it out of there and headed towards Archer Ave via Rte 83, 104th and 107th Ave. About a mile away from Archer the rain drops slowly started hitting my face. FUCK. I hated being on my road bike in the first place, but carbon rims in the rain suck. I had no desire to call John; I really wanted that road ride. I figured if it got sketchy and I had issues, I'd call him, but if not I was game to be a bad ass.

70 minutes of my 120 minute ride I was poured on. I thank the sheep that contributed to my wool clothing as they kept me insulated even though I was soaked.
About mile 26 I could feel the water splashing around in my shoe and my chamois was feeling quite heavy. At that point my only worries were to not get sick.

I arrived home, John was waiting for me, I think he expected me home way sooner (when I finally did get in the house my mtb was waiting for me in case I came back). Anyway, he snapped a pic for me... which was cool, I needed to show Russell proof I actually made it outside this weekend.
You can't tell from this photo, but the front of my socks are like a neon green.

Speaking of my mountain bike, my Eriksen is almost done. I have a few minor things to take care of (drop travel in fork, bleed front brake, and take off the white crappy stuff).

(Casey and the neighbor kids are gaming.)
This'll be my first time using triggers since 1994 or 1995. They say XX is actually a good trigger to transition to coming off twisters because of the feel of the lever... we'll see. There's rumor of us coming out with a twister in like 2012. *crosses fingers it's not just a rumor