My Ferrous

I'm probably going to sell it.
Anybody interested?
Depending on interest I might sell it sooner than later.
As with all my bikes, you can be pretty certain that it's RAD.
It has a sussy fork on it now, white with purple robot decals. I'll sell it with both forks- Salsa rigid and Reba Team.
So let me know if you are or might be interested.


vegan said...

What size?

spicyride said...

15.5"- it's the smallest they make. Don't be sketched out by the length of the toptube- with the geo- it really isn't that long.

Come and join the fun! said...

Julie told me you might be selling your bike. I want to get a mtb for my wife. lemme know how much you want damonnelson@comcast.net

Hey Gina do you really need another one?


vegan said...

Damon, How can you ask that? Of course, I need another one. Besides I don't have a 29er yet. = )
I'm probably test riding it Thursday, so I'm sure we'll let you know if it's too big. How tall is your wife?