IHRS # I don't even know anymore

I just realized I hadn't wrote about my last race. Probably because there really wasn't much to write about race wise.
Saturday night we had a party for my cousin. I was out until 1 am. I didn't eat dinner either. I knew that wouldn't bode well for my race the next day, but whatever.
It was just Betsy and me at the women's expert start. Betsy and I are pretty equal racers actually, it could go either way when we toe the line.
I was off the front in hopes to get some time on Betsy in the beginning. I was doing well and feeling fine, though I could tell that I was going to be hungry. You just know.
I took my first gel shortly after the first lap and felt fine. I actually felt pretty good. I killed my second lap once I knew the trails. As I was riding my third I could feel myself fading a little bit so I took a gel. I didn't feel so good right after. I felt like I really needed to burp and/or puke so trying to go hard was difficult. I shouldn't have needed a gel so quickly I think was part of it, but I think this had to do with not having ate right those prior 24 hours. Anyway, I could hear Betsy coming. But it was hard to keep moving feeling that crappy. Betsy caught me and then passed me. I was still feeling a bit green. I went to grab a drink out of my hydration pack hoping that watering it down would help me a bit. I did end up burping which relieved some of the pressure, but then my bite valve fell off my pack. W.T.F. I was shocked to feel all that water hit my chamois and start running down my leg. I tried to stop the water flow but all that happened was me getting a mouth, throat and stomach full of water. I gagged and choked while trying to reverse the flow back into the pack. Finally I had done so. Feeling a bit waterlogged I moved on. At this point I felt I had lost so much time, not to mention what the heck was I going to do about water? No water equals no food. Oh well, I thought, just ride your bike.
Dehydration caught up with me quick; it was way hotter out than I expected. I started to feel a bit out of it. In the singletrack I just felt a bit off. I just ended up slowing down to enjoy the ride. I didn't think I'd catch Betsy so it wasn't worth asking my body to go above and beyond just to finish a closer 2nd place.
I finally finished. I had dried salt all over my body and wasn't feeling the greatest. My body wasn't hurting like it should after a race, just more like out of it I guess.

Sitting here on Thursday typing this, I still feel like I'm a bit dehydrated. I really suck at drinking water lately it would seem.

Last race of the series is Farmdale, apparently if I race it I will be counted for series points.