impending storms

went for a ride last night... tstorms warning and watches all over the place. hour and 25 min from the circle to lagrange. shit. finally got there about 5:45. the skies were looking pretty grey. we decided to stay close to the lot in case it started to storm. hit out n back. came back and waited for tony. we missed him. mike flatted, he went back to the car. went back out towards the 12 hour loop and chose turf 1 over 3 ravines. we figured we could hit 3 ravines if the skies hadn't let loose yet when we swung back around. no rain yet so we hit 3 ravines. i'm not afraid to say i was a little scared. the wind picked up a little bit and big branches were falling all over. i wasn't afraid of the rain or lightning or anything like that... i was afraid of a tree falling on us! we made it back unscathed. nobody had a good ride really. it was just a really weird night. i need to find out why my legs feel like poop.