i can't figure it out... i seem to not be able to move on a bike. am i trying too hard? what's the deal... hit the paved path today. i started out on the cross bike and started to do some tweakage. felt a lot better, but now, believe it or not, i think i need a longer stem! i'd like a rise. anyway, tonight was a fucking mess with cars and dumb paved trail people. while sitting waiting at a light the people turning right DON'T even look to their right, just left and as soon as it's clear they are gone... every light i had the right away and i never got it. it's def not worth just going to prove a point. i was crossing 143rd street by harlem today and was looking behind watching for turn signals... didn't see any turn signals for five cars, so i went. fuckin' beemer started taking the turn (no signal)... i was like "nice turn signal dickhead", i didn't realize a cop was on 143rd st stopped at the light. he smiled at me... other than that it was pretty uneventful. i did run into my mom on the way back home. i took her around the small loop and then brought her home.