i flatted last night. i haven't flatted in a long time. i hope it's not a sign of things to come. the ride was good. we had a good cast of characters. met a couple new characters. it wasn't too slow, but the pace wasn't grueling either. sara had a good spill in the first ravine i'm sorry i missed. hope her shoulder isn't too painful today. i'm dreading a crash. i haven't in awhile, so i know it's gonna be good. we pretty much rode everything legal. the canal trail looked completely different. surreal was brought up and i kind of looked forward to doing it as last time i was there i had such a good ride. but it wasn't missed. out n back, burrito hill, canal trail, dynamite road, three ravines, ho chi minh, psychopath, turf 1, stair steps and badass hill to green grassy for the ride home. sweet. we definitely missed beth. i hope she can ride with her cast. i know she will, i don't think anythin could keep her away. i'm so jumpy right now. iced coffee with extra sugar on the way back from daycamp this morning... woo. maybe i'll use this extra energy and clean the house... we'll see ;)