podium girl... not

(think austin powers) she's a man baby... woohoo. hope someone has a better pic of me from the race showing my braid. how could i forget running to the podium? as usual awards were at 2:30 which is of course the time i'm expecting the guys to come around on a lap for water... and of course it's a middle lap so it's always iffy if i'll make awards. so after john goes by i take off for awards... they are announcing my age group as i'm running past the horse or cow stables or whatever they were... so i get up there and run to the medal lady and say who i am just as the guy is announcing first place. DUH. 1st place gets announced last. i showed up as they were announcing third thinking they announced me first. i felt kinda dumb and flustered. nobody noticed, but i still felt dumb for a minute :)