happy halloween

saturday we headed for kettle "on the way" to the wors banquet. we couldn't have hit it any luckier with the weather. john had a migraine so it wasn't the "funride" we had hoped for. virgin ride for me on the connector, of all the times i've been out there, i've never hit the connector trail.
the banquet was fun. it was nice our team and teammates earned some metal. i still hate karaoke. saturday ended up being an early night, we just can't hang anymore. kids? age? i dunno. all i know is i didn't regret missing out and falling asleep. party pooper.

john is still laughing about the "rebel yell". yesterday i would glance his way and see a smirk, all i had to say was rebel yell and he'd start laughing. thanks for making his weekend brian.
we made it home after picking casey up about 10:45. we were going to try and hit the milwaukee cx race. what the hell were we thinking? we decided to take casey and reese out to lunch and we ended up buying them some things at the dollar store. i was hoping they'd have some more halloween junk in there, but no go.
we went on a trail hike later in the day. it was a beautiful day to be out. the girls had a blast and were thoroughly exhausted upon our return. carbon had a smile on his face the whole time. it was nice to be out in the fresh fall air with the beautiful orange and yellow leaves.


adam said...

my head looks like a pumpkin

mountaingoat said...

Did anyonme get to smash the pumpkin?

spicyride said...

no way. i wanted to mummify it or something. but, i guess after sunday morning, i've no idea of it's whereabouts.