sox and scooby doo

it was crazy last night... fireworks, people screaming and yelling around the neighborhood, people roaring around in their cars honking like mad. it was cool. i haven't been a baseball fan in a long time... nor have i ever really been i guess. but cool for chicago and the sox fans. i'm sure my brother-in-law was drunk off his ass loving life. he's a huge baseball fan and an even bigger sox fan.
it was casey's halloween party at school today. i'm glad i work from home on thursdays. i was able to see their little parade. all the kids super stoked to show off their costumes.

wors banquet this weekend... i'm still trying to find some housing for scooby. crap, i guess we need to find carbon a place as well. dang. i forgot about that.


mountaingoat said...

Hey! Just got off the phone with kevin and he asked if you could bring that Surly frame to the banquet for him to check out.