this weekend was good. no spare time, so the sass is still in limbo. saturday i headed out for an mtb ride in the morning. i was way overdressed. i was stripping clothing at each trail ending. riding ziptie i had to take a puke break. i came to realize i was way overheated. after drooling by the tree for a bit i took off my vest and arm warmers and miraculously rode faster and stronger. amazing what overheating will do to you. november 12th and all i was wearing was a wool jersey and shorts. i don't think i'll be riding in just a jersey and shorts again til next year.
saturday night i headed to a jewelry party. i know this will surprise you, but i was actually looking forward to going. i was excited for some rings or something. the jewelry turned out to not be what i really expected. it was totally foo foo. i only found 2 things i would even consider wearing out of the whole catalog. i bought one. $34 poorer, casey and i left for home. i went to mess with the sass, but was completely infuriated by a QR and the tuggnuts so i quit. up to bed.
sunday was the cross race. it was unbelievably windy. we headed out early to watch sara race the As. she kicked ass as usual and smoked the women's field.

john, mike, frank and zach raced the As. they all looked good together for the first lap. zach was behind on a mtb, but ended up just having fun hopping the barriers and battling with the moots guys. mike fell off john and frank's pace and soon frank fell off the pace and dnf'd. mike unfortunately flatted, he probably would've held out for 7th in his first cross race ever. john continuously put time on a guy he was chasing. he caught him on the 3rd to last lap and rode him for awhile and left him eating his dust on the climb to finish in 5th place, in the money.

after the race we watched our friend matt in the skate park on his p.3. that boy has mad skills. it was fun to watch him for a bit. casey says she was gonna ride like him when she gets bigger.
we headed home after that. we used to have this beautiful tree in our back yard. last year during a nasty wind storm a big chunk of it cracked off and took out our fence. this past spring we lost more of the tree on another windy day which almost took out our back door. well, as you can imagine, after yesterday's winds, we came home to more of the same. the tree is almost gone.
i really need to get back to work.