bump n jump

WORS #1 was this past sunday. no race reports from me til October so I better make sheboygan worth it. anyway, john, casey and i drove up to iola with zach and sara in the van. it was an early start for our almost 5 hour drive up in to wisconsin (yes we're nuts). we were running late like always and ended up having to settle for mcd instead of a nice sit down restaurant (sorry guys). the drive up was pretty uneventful. just long. casey was well behaved so that made for an easy trip up. we arrived just as the sport class were starting ... we parked the van and headed towards registration. along the way we bumped into our wors friends and it was as if winter never happened. back to the van to prepare. i got casey's bike all prepped with her number and john was on his own. kids' race started at 1 so casey and i headed over a little early. we waited for them to call her age group. a short time later they yelled for the 5 and under crowd. that was us. the course was all singletrack. it wasn't too narrow so passing was do-able. casey went in the singletrack in 5th and passed two kids right away. she settled in 3rd with 4th right on us. she's so competitive. it's pretty funny. she was on her trek trike so she definitely had an advantage. as much as i'd like for her to be up and running on 2 wheels, i'm not sure what good they'd have done her still being so small and it being so bumpy and rooty in there. it was a long course. us parents were exhausted and sweaty by the time it was over. casey finished 3rd with 2nd pretty far ahead. she received her medal and water bottle and we were on our way to the expert start.
the next two hours were pretty uneventful. we essentially stood around waiting for john mike and sara to make it around. sara lost both water bottles on her first lap. mike lost one and cramped. 2 hours later it was over. unfortunately my farmer's tan has started.
next up alpine. hopefully i'll remember my camera. for now i'll bum off of rusty.
okay, maybe later, blogger is being weird.


mikelsall said...

I could have sworn Zach was there too...but I did get my butt kicked so my head might have suffered some damage.

spicyride said...

yeah, but he's self sufficient so i'm never worried about him. beside's he'll tell ya it was like he wasn't there too.