casey's hooked on the two wheels. every day she gets home and says "when can i ride my two-wheeler"? she harrasses us until we go out. pretty funny. i just ordered her up a new bike as the 10" she's riding is a bit small and the 14" we have is too big. now i just have to get some streamers for her new bike when it comes in. nothing a quick stop at the shop won't take care of. she can decal it herself. i'm sure there will be dinosaurs on there.
only way i can go with her is if i'm on a bike myself. she's too fast and i could lose her.
i hope she stays interested in bikes.
which reminds me, she stops with her shoes... i need to order her a new pair. her allstars she's just about outgrown and now have no toe material.


Alyson Wilson said...

Reading about you watching your daughter (I'm assuming) start loving to do something you love as well is very sweet. Thanks so much for blogging... I got a great picture of you tearing after her on her new wheels, streamers flying! I just found your blog while surfing a little and will definitely be back to see what you're up to and who you're chasing down the street on your bike!