obsess much

casey is a 2-wheeled bike geek. i have to listen to her whine all day because she wants to ride her bike. i won't be surprised if we end up in the er one of these days. she's fearless. faster, faster, faster... she pedals so fast and hard at times she can barely steer. she's quoted as saying "this is so cool" as she rides up and down all the neighbors driveways. she's also into how she looks too. checking out her new pink gloves and her feet as she's pedaling. she must spend too much time reading goat's blog. we were just out for 40 minutes and had to come in because of the rain. she's already said "we're going out later, right momma?" i understand her obsession which is why i say yeah.


mountaingoat said...

Sounds like she's ready to race BMX.

Glad to hear she's worrying about the look. That is the most important thing about riding.

furyosin said...

new blog in blogosfere
about urban single speed
is in spanish by now , my dear....
achtung baby!

glad to write to you,

furyosin! fron chile