hot one

day at the park today. i don't know who is more exhausted, the kids or us...
there were crashes and spills. casey and josh both have some good road rash to start the hot weather off right.

thursday night i took a tumble down the stairs. 10 of them to be exact. i was hurrying to get the camera to get photos of casey on her new bike. my extra 23 lbs and i must have missed the top stair heading down, went in the air and landed on my tailbone, followed by my head and elbows, then slid the rest of the way down. and i thought i'd get by this season at least with no injuries. anyway, i'm pretty sore, spent 5 hours in the hospital for peace of mind being monitored and am now miserable from a very very sore tailbone. like i needed anything else to hinder walking or bending over.