i'm posting from my old laptop and started browsing through pics. this was so long ago it seems!

the little bug in the corner of the couch is sick. fever of 102.1 F right now. weird. i'm keeping a close eye on her as it just seems weird to have a fever right now. i haven't heard of any bugs floating around. she's done nothing but lay on the couch all day. she hasn't eaten. only a freeze pop and water. at least she's getting some fluids. she had a good pee earlier so that's good. her temps been rising so i check occasionally to make sure she doesn't hit that 104 and then it's a call to the doc and a possible trip to the e.r. fun. hopefully it doesn't come to that. i hate when your kid's sick (obviously), but it's like you are so helpless and although they can communicate, it's not the same.
nothing much going on otherwise. i think jeremey and jerry may be making a trip down to the mesa this saturday. they've got to take care of some things down this way, so why not ride. sunday i think we need to start working on getting the upstairs cleaned up. i don't want to be too much furthur along trying to clean two upstairs bedrooms.