still nothing...

my tailbone is starting to feel better... finally. still is bothersome at times, but nowhere near the pain i was experiencing. 7 more weeks and i'll hopefully have my body back. it's hard to find things to do to pass the time. i seem to live through john's bike ridin' and racin'- where'd you go? who was there? which way did you ride it? would i have liked the course or hated it? then there's casey's activities- mainly bike riding right now, but it can be very entertaining watching her entertain herself. she's really into matchbox cars having conversations with her stuffed luigi and guido from the movie cars.
i've also passed the time by reading fellow rider/racer's blogs. glad to see jesse getting back in the swing of things. fun to see marko doing so well in the elite class at wors. jeremey's blog is always entertaining. then there's the team's site which sometimes has some great cycling and unrelated stuff going on. the wors board had some good stuff going on for a bit there. i love other people's drama.
i'm not as depressed as i thought i'd be not being able to ride. i guess my body is so miserable, the thought of riding isn't even fun. i'm hoping to be on the bike end of august. not doing much, just be on it. i'm figuring the only wors race i'll be doing is sheboygan. it's one of my faves.
john's been taking casey on pretty long bike rides. i'm jealous i can't be there with her. i have to be content with watching her go up and down the block back and forth in the evenings. it's cool, but she's pretty bored with the block having experienced electrical towers, tunnels, deers pooping, squirrels running in front of her. it's great to hear her stories when she gets back. i'll probably be drafting off of her as soon as i have the baby.

nothing much else going on, essentially just waiting.