wow, i just woke up from like a 3 hour nap. i'm exhausted! i stayed home from work today. i did what i could... i felt like shit yesterday. i went to l&d last night about 10:30 because i just didn't feel right. better be safe than sorry. we busted out of there about 12:30. so john and i were both pretty tired. john's preparing for 24-9 and i'm preparing for a boring weekend. i'll probably hang out over at my aunt's house. looks to be a scorcher of a weekend. look what john just got:

lucky. we have no good pics yet, waiting for the headset to arrive, i'll post a pic when it's complete. i have a carbon bontrager 29er fork coming soon for the rig. hopefully it'll be here soon after the birth so i have something to do. i wanna put some new brakes on it too.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it'd be really cool if you had a MATCHING fork for that thing, eh? Like maybe a fork that was semi-custom, so it matched, but didn't look like every other 585 out there, right? Right?
No, looks good, good choice on the model, I think John'll be stoked.