gravity rides everything

dang. check out what's going on now:

house is shaking from the thunder and at times it appears it's daylight from all the lightning. the sump pumps are kicking ass and taking names as we speak.
some kind of rig in the works... post up pics when its done (yeah right). john is still finishing up the spot. we need a dog fang and cable hanger. funny how two of the cheapest most minor things are holding up this custom build.
my sass still needs the steerer cut, spot needs the steerer cut and possibly some J carbons, sycip needs ultimates and 100mm stem, lemond needs headset and possibly new fork and stem, surly needs the bars retaped and of all things the rig is done with the exception of possibly having to swap to a longer or less of a rise stem. if i do all this minor bs i might take pics.
sheboygan this sunday. i can't wait to see how bad i do. john says, so just go to finish. real funny, what did he think my plan was in the first place! i'm a little disappointed that i haven't been out to ride in the past couple weeks. nothing has fallen into the place the way i'd like. not really complaining, just love to ride and really miss it. perhaps sheboygan will wake my muscle memory and kick my lungs into gear just to have them go back into offroad retirement for the winter. i'm sure to come home with some new bruises to my body and my pride, but i'll live.
i need to get to bed earlier, this midnight bullshit is getting old. my fault, i can't even blame zoe anymore, she's been sleeping for like two hours.
it's still storming! i'm surprised casey hasn't come downstairs like freaking out...


Tom K said...

I bet you manage to catch me. The lungs aren't doing so well lately

creepyfriendly said...

It will definately be an ass kicking Sunday!