so it hasn't rained in like almost a day. that's pretty sweet. i'm hoping it doesn't rain in like the next million hours cuz that's how long its gonna take for the ground to dry. stupid rain.
if i were in shape i wouldn't mind if sheboygan were a mud fest. but seeing as i'm not, it will suck butt if its muddy.
went for a ride yesterday on the path... did i blog this already? i can't remember. anyway, my ride, it started with me in the basement pumping the tubes on the sycip. poor sycip. tires were at an unregistered pressure, she was super dusty and she still had like 06 parts on it. how awful. i had to steal pedals off another bike to take her out. i popped out the front door and the bike felt perfect. that bike is awesome. i keep trying to get my spot to feel like this bike. actually though, thinking about it, i haven't tried that hard.
i headed to the golf course. it was kind of late and i wasn't sure if i'd make it back in time doing the long loop in my condition. it was weird, i have been riding the sass which is rigid and the rig, which is now rigid (pics some day), all the time. by all the time i mean rides with casey, ride to my moms, etc. anyway, while on the sycip i had to lock it out because the sid was driving me crazy because it was like working. i am 100 % certain i won't feel this way offroad.
so i did a few laps... it was fucking walk-a-dog night. there were probably 22 dogs on the path. seriously. retracto leash nightmares.
it was awesome to be out on a beautiful evening. there was water everywhere. the singletrack along the sides of the trail were under water. the grass on the side of the trail looked like swamps. this one section of paved trail was about 3-4" under water, maybe more. i slowed down to go through it hoping to see fish or something. i seriously looked. it was kind of depressing seeing how wet it was as it pretty much meant i wouldn't be offroad in a long time. but at least it wasn't raining then.
while riding most of my thoughts were about sheboygan and at what point i would cry. before sunday i'm hoping zach and sara make it here to chat this saturday. they haven't seen our big baby yet, nor have any of us seen each other for that matter since hmmm... alpine? shit. it's funny how time is referenced through bike events. anyway, we were talking about picking up some burritos and catching up on things...


BoyWhore said...

you could make rigid 26ers the next big thing.