i headed out with john to the last chicago cross race this morning. running from the car to the house in just thermal pants, jeans, a long underwear shirt, a wool hoody, along with my bugabootoos and i thought this isn't that bad! ha. at the course i added my syncros coat, a hat and gloves. i was good for about 45 minutes and then my hands were cold, then my ass, and when my feet finally got cold even while wearing my bugabootoos, i knew it was time to head to the truck. i lasted way longer than i thought though. if i wasn't so lazy to go to the truck and put the chemical warmers in, i'd have been all good. i think.
conant put on a good show in the 1/2 race. john raced the 3s. he said he felt dead. i'm guessing it was from not getting in one pedal stroke after sunday. but feeling dead he gutted out 5th, in the money, so that was sweet. cross season over.
i didn't do anything. i sometimes tire of being just a spectator.


James said...

It was 27 degrees when we left on our ride on Sunday. With the windchill it was well into the teens during.

Tom K said...

update, i'm bored