closet music

so i was reading mg's blog about closet music and how everyone has it... it totally reminded me of my friend carl. carl had jesus hates you stickers on his car. he was the singer of a death metal band. big dude with long scraggly hair and a goatee. his favorite music was all metal. one day i found out he loved elton john. elton john? wtf! but actually thinking about it, he was never in the closet about it. but i still think its hilarious that big ass death metal carl loved elton john. he actually got into a fight with someone at a bar because of it.
we just got back from the hawk's game. casey had a good time. she was good for about 36 minutes of the actual game time. we lost her at the end of the second half and by the third she hit meltdown status. but all in all it was a great time.
where the hell did the toolbar go to upload pics? am i drunk and just don't see it? oh well, i'll use photobucket.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i'm not really a sports person but put me in front of the tv while the bears or hawks are on and i'm suddenly their biggest fans and should be their coach.


Chris said...

So what's your closet music?

And yes, the toolbar seems to have disappeared.

spicyride said...

too many to list. there was a backstreet boy song i liked, i don't remember the name, but when it came on the radio i was like hell yes.