i ♥ modest mouse

i went back to the old stuff and it was like new again. except i could sing along. it made me want to go for a ride. but really, what doesn't.
i finished the last of my xmas shopping tonight. now i just have to do inventory and make sure i have enough wrapping crap to finish it. still haven't finished the poor tree. i suck. you'd think i'd make this a priority. i have two kids. time sucks.
casey's last day of school tomorrow before xmas break. we'll be making some cookies in the morning so she can bring them for her party. i work from home tomorrow so during the day i can gradually finish up the tree.
no plans for the weekend as of yet. it will probably consist of something boring. i'm going to make a concerted effort to ride outside. the temps look tempting. i just got a new pair of lakes. my old ones (which are still new) cut off my circulation so i never wore 'em. if anyone is interested i'll let 'em go real cheap. like $50. size 40, pretty much new.


James said...

Hey, we saw those guys in concert!

Also, Lake? WTF???
I'm a sad panda now...