i was super stoked this a.m. on the drive in. all express lanes on the damn ryan opened. sweet. lame, i know. but you can't even imagine...
finished up with xmas decorations last night. baked some cookies. stayed up til 12:30 with a happy talking baby. wth. go to bed already. i don't know what her deal was. so needless to say i'm tired.
i'm super excited about the weather. i cleaned up and junk yesterday so tomorrow i'm FREE. i also plan on working on the spot and if time the sycip.


Tom K said...

we still need to put up our tree

James said...

I rode yesterday, it was probably 20 degrees. Cold as all hell. 30 minutes after I get back, it snowed a couple of inches. Pretty damn sweet.
The dog is going apeshit in the backyard, she loves the snow.