overdressed mofo

okay, so i did it twice, but it did seem to get warmer as i rode on. i went for a ride on saturday. yes, me. early in the day when we ran errands it was a bit chillier than i expected as they were saying mid-50s. so when i dressed for my ride i wore my beefier gloves- my hands are wussies. at first i seemed to be perfectly dressed as i was a bit chilly standing outside, but as the ride progressed i ended up riding with no gloves and taking off my wind jacket. i also slid my headband off my ears, but that was a mistake. i could feel my ear canals get really cold and then a pain in my neck as if there were fluid in there and it was ready to freeze. so i slid that back on.
it was a slow short ride, but for me it was longer than it should've been and as fast as i could go. i'm so out of shape. i hope a few more rides like that will get me back into better condition.
the saddle was my other nemesis. my hips are not even close to being back to normal. my saddle is acting like a wedge trying to pry my sit bones furthur apart than they already are. i would have loved to been out on sunday as well, but the pain was intolerable. switch saddles you say? every bike in our house has a wtb rocket. that's it. i need a wtb deva or fizik vitesse- something a little wider in the back, but not fugly. anyone have one? i'd really like the vitesse, but qbp is outta stock.
zoe seems to be catching a bit of a cold. poor girl. i hate when infants are sick. i wish there were a way you could get them to blow their nose instead of trying to suck it out with that bulb thing (which thankfully hasn't needed to be done).
set this week on cruise control. i'm outta here after wednesday not to be back in the office til hopefully the new year. but that could change...


Tom K said...

i think we have a terry saddle laying around. came on gina's road bike.

spicyride said...

thanks. just talked to Q vitesse saddles in hopefully next week.

mountaingoat said...

I always overdress in winter, but I'd rather be hot than cold.