damn barbie jeep

friday night i tinkered with a few bikes but never finished with one. i was stopped by minor things here and there. soon though. john was up til the wee hours in the morning playing gears of war. he's hooked. i tried, i sucked. too complicated. you need to use every button on the controller, give me a joystick please.
woke up pretty early on saturday morning to get bills done and casey registered for soccer. after that we ran a bunch of errands. target, ulta, petsmart, circuit city. we got a mini dvd player from my parents for xmas 3 years ago. we had to take it back because it didn't work out of the box. they gave us a hard time about returning at first, but ended up giving us a store credit (which was cool we really wanted another dvd player anyway). we bought the 4 year protection plan for it. a mini dvd player with a toddler (at that time), we figured it was a good buy. fast forward almost 3 years later the now preschooler loses breakfast inside the dvd player. of course it's toast (no pun intended). we take it in for repair, they can't fix it, we get a $250 store credit. so a new dvd player better than the original for $100 and a balance of $154 on the gift card. sweet.
that afternoon after doing some chores i headed out on the bike path with the surly. it was a gorgeous day for a ride. i wish i had more time, i would've hit the trails to see what they were like. that evening we grabbed some portillos and turned in early. exciting i know.
sunday we had some friends and family over for the bears game. i made a bunch of chicken linguini and garlic bread. it was a fun day. it didn't end too well though. after everyone had left we noticed it was a bit chilly in the house. i didn't think much of it, other than everyone had left and there wasn't as much body heat. i guess john felt it was cold too as he went downstairs to check the furnace out. apparently the humidifier water pipe had been bumped (by casey's rad barbie jeep) and was now draining into the furnace and onto the circuit board. nice. so a bunch of towels later, standing there with a hairdryer for 45 minutes and just waiting to see what happened... the furnace finally dried out about 3 am. john was finally able to kick it on. phew. that would've sucked ass.


Tom K said...

how do you have time to update with 2 kids? I've been meaning to update my blog for about 3 weeks. I even have pics of the new crank on Gina's road bike.

spicyride said...

i don't need to do this because nobody really cares what you do here if you get your job done... if you work on email all day, type a blog into outlook and then email it to your home address. it totally looks like you are working. when you get home just cut n paste into blogger.

Chris said...

Glad I didn't interrupt anything "important" today. How did John do at the Tour? Forgot to ask.

spicyride said...

suprisingly he really doesn't have a clue and doesn't care.