we promised casey we'd take her for mexican tonight. we went to her favorite place because she likes their "orange" rice. it was awesome. i don't know if i was super hungry or what... but it reminded me of why it's my all time favorite restaurant. yum.
john took casey to bed and apparently has fallen asleep with her as i haven't seen him for hours. i'm still amped from the coke i had with dinner. i need to remember no caffeine after 6 or i'm up til all hours of the night.
so to tire myself i thought i'd do a search on how to tape those fucking ec90 track bars. i'm not a road bar taper and neither is john. so the easton bar is screwing with our minds... there is no open end in the bar to put the tape in. wtf? how do you make it look clean? i tried to do a search on how to tape, but apparently nobody has bought this bar. and i know why. holy fuck! did you see the price? i'm so out of touch with reality when it comes to bike parts... this one was "given" to me by a friend and now realizing how much it cost i must, oh wait, it was james who gave it to me. screw him. anyway, after i got bored searching for that bar i got caught up with looking at bikes. believe me, i'm as surprised as you are about this... so i came to a decision, my next bike is a geared 29er. steel and custom. too many makers to choose from... if, desalvo, kish, strong etc. the list goes on! fuck.
so overwhelming. i'm sure my mind will change again. stay tuned.
before we headed out for dinner, i took the cross check on her first ride. i still have to swap some stuff out- like a non-setback post, shorter stem and i may put my torsion bar on there. my first ride outside after purchasing the shuffle and i forget it, duh. but i ended up not minding. the wind was strong. that and the falling snow flurries made for some cool sounds i hadn't heard in awhile. neither the wind or flurries agreed with my exposed face. the wind bit my skin and the snow sharpened the bite even more. i enjoyed the soft sound of my tires rolling over the barely there snow. as usual, my toes forced me to come home sooner than i would have liked.

whoa. it's way later than i thought it was. i should at least try to fall asleep.


Arleigh said...

if you can't figure out how to start the tape. Cut the end at a slow diagonal. Like you do to finish the wrap. Now put that and the end around the bar so it starts clean, now start wrapping, and the end do the same thing where the bar has a ridge so that it is a clean junction.



barry said...

i don't believe those bars are supposed to be taped. looks like they take slip-on track grips.