i want an ipod shuffle. i'm just in love with the clip i think.
def leppard just came up on itunes... it was like fu manchu, ben lee, elliot smith and def leppard. i guess that's what i like about shuffle.
john didn't do too well at the tour yesterday. he missed the checkpoint or something and had to double back. he was like 60th of 85. he didn't care so that's cool.

we took casey to see night at the museum. it was a perfect movie for all three of us... john nor i really wanted to see charlotte's web and i doubt casey wanted to see children of men or whatever is out.
team kit stuff is coming together for next year. hopefully there won't be any bumps in the road.
i need a new bike light.
i've got nothing really. i'm tired and feel very overwhelmed.


mountaingoat said...

We saw night at the museum this weekend too.

I've been wanting my old shuffle to break just so I can get a new one...those clips are very cool

MTB Girl said...

I really want to see that movie!

D A N O said...

I have a new shuffle...

That means I'm cool?

spicyride said...

i think you were cool even without it?

Anonymous said...

If you are still wanting a shuffle, checkout this contest for bloggers.