snot rocket

my morning started with an errand. i took the bike. it was pretty windy out but nice. got back home. the stuff i wanted/needed to do seemed to be closing in around me. each time i did something it seemed like the mess was worse. i reached my breaking point while feeding zoe. fingers in dish, just took bib off, bananas and cereal all over her, my pants and the floor. typical. happens all the time... but that moment had me exhale a god dammit. john told me to go out on a ride. hell yeah, why didn't i think of that.
the spot got the call. i headed out.

there was actually a small trail that wasn't under water that i hit. it was about 20 feet but it was all rooty and stuff so i was stoked. the view from that trail:

moving on.

lake arrowhead was a bit flooded.

apparently my bottle cage isn't perfectly straight from this past fall's crash.

i came home to these gals.

of course she was playing lego star wars.

i don't think i've ever come home with more snot on my gloves. my jacket wasn't unscathed either (as seen in the first pic). i seem to have the right side farmer's blow mastered, but the left not so much. my nose is raw. i'll probably have to disinfect the grips come spring.
da tour starts this weekend. sunday morning to be exact. john finished some much needed maintenance on the commuter which included swapping out bars and stem. casey picked the tape... she likes blue, reminds her of the king from the movie cars. dinoco blue.

out makin' sure its ready... with some friends.