back at it

wors #2 yesterday. my first race for the year. i felt better than i thought i would, but it definitely pointed out something i already knew, i need to ride more to get some fitness and speed back. i have no power. i was stuck in the singletrack because of it and not because i couldn't handle it. i actually was pretty happy that i had retapped my skills.
the course was way awesome. great mountain bike course... climbs, technical singletrack, rock garden, off camber sections... just awesome. i never went down and i only walked a couple times. once because i just couldn't make it up and a few times because of other riders. i did hit a tree though...

you can see where its swollen, it's black and blue on the underside. my shoulder looks similar. it only bothers me if i'm holding zoe or hit something (duh). it was the last lap on the big o singletrack right before the wishbone log crossing... i hit the big tree on the left! it knocked me a bit off track and made for an awkward log crossing but that was it. i didn't even think i had a mark, until i finished. welcome to the season.

john hung in there with less than ideal conditions. people were dropping like flies out there!

thanks for the pics rusty!

wausau is up in the air for us. to be honest i'm not looking forward to a marathon course. i'm a singletrack junkie and would prefer to do something that had more of that. maybe go ride kettle that weekend and then do the 12 hour race the following weekend? we'll see. so much could happen before then. we still have memorial day weekend to think about.

and thanks to jeremey for the killer parking spot and to lisa and chris for helping to get my late ass registered.


kd said...

yep...it's nice to come home & have the little guy kiss my boo-boos after a race (I took a stone ruin/wall to the left shoulder yesterday..that'll look cute when I rock the tank tops).

Mike K said...

Good to see you back Rachael. And good job on taking 3rd! Tell John good job also.

Tom K said...

Nice job. I was lazy and slept in (10 am!!!) with Chris.

BlissontwoWheels said...

hell yeah! nice job. third and you think you are outta shape. pff. maybe sometime we all can go to the kettles. super fun! i looooved it. loved it.