race bike

no ride tonight. thunderstorms hit hard. i guess it was a good thing as i really really need to get the spot ready for sunday.
i'm being more responsible than usual and not saving it for saturday night. i went to start it and realized i needed a few parts i don't have here (surprise) and those parts that are needed are stopping me from finishing with what i do have. not to mention i don't feel like dealing with oil at the moment. annoyed at myself for not really thinking it through before today. some of it though is just because i want it a certain way, not that i need it. the bike could've been raced as is. i'm just not used to a boingy fork and i would appreciate the lockout. i take that back a little, the cables and housing are well overdue for a change. the rear hesitates... i seriously think it still has the cables and housing it was initially built with. no wait, 2nd, the cable was stainless.
i really would like to get out to geneva on saturday to pre-ride. that would be awesome. i need to hire a traveling babysitter. like a nanny for races. that would be cool. go up on saturday with this nanny person and pre-ride, hange out in the hotel and race the next day. and then i'd have to hire a dog sitter for the weekends we are away. i think i need a higher paying job.


Devin said...

word up on that!!! going to race in mn.. closer and less gas...good luck.

joeyTWOwheels said...

You and John should switch off on the kid duty so you can both race.* It's all about the give and take, right?

* Please note that my wife made me say that.

Tom K said...

We are going up for the day on Sat. and will take turns while one pre-rides and the other watches Chris.

Although, I like the nanny idea.