there were dressed up alligators

casey still has a fever. we are monitoring her for a couple days, if she still has it she needs to have tests run. poor kid.
i hit the mesa tonight. alone again. i need friends. anyway, i had a much better time of it than last night. i must've been more tired than i thought. i'm still horribly out of shape but it was a lot more fun today. i was glad to get ejected off the bike yesterday. i don't know why but i seem to ride so much better once i get the first crash out of the way. i guess i need to realize it doesn't hurt.

zoe's ear infections, crusty eyes and nose seem to have cleared up. i finally seem to be coming around. i still don't have my voice back but at least i'm not coughing up a lung and can breath... my infected tooth isn't causing me too much trouble either. john has an appt tomorrow to see if his cough is anything other than just nagging.


That Guy said...

Man, you guys are always f'd up...