hump day

exciting things on the bike front and hopefully on the ride front tonight.
the new "race" frame has arrived and all the fun parts ,except for wheels, are already here. may have to borrow john's til mine come in.
it's been a meh start today. i spent too long drooling over my frame last night and hanging as many parts as i could- i started at 10 or so- and didn't get upstairs to brush my teeth til after midnight. as i'm brushing my teeth and picking shit out of the holes that used to be molars, zoe wakes up. i roll my eyes in disbelief. murphy is definitely not on my side. i wait to see if she is just having a moment. it's a pretty long moment... but she's not screaming yet. she's only playing. maybe she'll just lay down and sleep. no way. i give her more than a few minutes of desperate-come-get-me-crying before i break down and get her. she's wide awake. so i try to get her to lay down... no go. i ended up having to get her a bottle. this helped and she fell asleep shortly after. but the damage was done, it was late and i knew i would be super tired. and i was. john woke me at 6. crap. i feel like i need at least another hour. i hadn't felt that tired on wake up in a couple weeks. so i hopped in the shower hoping that zoe's late night party would keep her in bed and delay even further her usual 5:30am rise and shine. just as i stepped out of the shower she woke up. no big deal, but it would have been nice to get ready for once without having to clean up all the feminine hygiene products she so enjoys to play with while i blow my hair dry... or the lotion she tries to eat... or unraveling the toilet paper... or eating my shoe... or trying to escape to another room. my late wake up furthur screwed things up as today is go to my grandma's day- which means that it'll take me that much longer to get out of the house and i need to make an extra stop. i finally make it out and head to work. i'm thinking an iced coffee would be nice. i need caffeine and wasn't in the mood for hot. fuck. i'm at dunkin donuts and realize i forget my phone (ultimately not a biggee) and inhaler (big time biggee)... mostly because today i'm going straight from work to ride my bike. ugghhh. turn around go back home get my stuff. surprisingly the drive in is uneventful but still long. i get to work and then stepped in gum. how annoying. people are fucking ignorant.
i've been kind of bummed i haven't gotten any riding in, real riding, for a long time and was super irritated from my morning, but then i read this. it put things in perspective.


joeyTWOwheels said...

Wow, that was one somber read. Not only was this Ben fella a racer, sounds like he was extremely well liked and a big part of the community.

Certainly puts it all in perspective.

MTB Girl said...

Wow. Seems silly to complain about "life" after reading this.