i went out to palos last night. i didn't know who was going to be there but knew there'd be people out there. 6pm wednesdays is a pretty standard group ride night out at mt. forest. i pulled up and right away saw john siwinski. cool. i tagged along on his ride. 7 of us total. it was by no means fast or anything... it was a fun pace. we chatted and stopped every so often to regroup. i was able to ride some of the new trails that have been built within the last year or so. i have such a poor sense of direction i hope i remember it all if i venture out on my own.
i went down once... i rammed a stump hidden in the weeds. 29er wheels roll over most everything easy but not everything. it was also a reminder why to keep your brake lever sort of loose... had they been super tight i probably would've damaged my bar or broke a lever.
hopefully this'll start a routine for wednesday night again. there's a summer solstice ride going on tonight... i'd like to go, but doubt it'll happen. i have so much to do. we are heading up to lacrosse on friday night.
it's amazing what a simple mountain bike ride does for your soul.


mzzm said...

Great determination to still get out after your previous rough night!