my last post was a lie

we did end up hitting 24-9. we decided it was better than sitting at home.
it was strange not racing or having anybody to look out for. well, we had our kids and they kept us plenty busy but you know what i mean.
we were not prepared really... but we survived. we got rid of the rv last minute... so that left us really with nowhere to sleep or cook. we figured we'd figure it out when we got there. worse case we'd sleep in the suburban which wouldn't have been bad at all. thanks to jeremey for letting us borrow his kid tent and brent for giving us his 2-person. we didn't sleep saturday night so it didn't matter then, but it was nice to stick the kids and dog somewhere.

i did a ride with barb on saturday morning... she knew where all the easy to get to singletrack was and we rode that for most of the morning before the race started.
i hit up the course around dinner time to get a lap in. the course was pretty cool. i never felt like i was on the doubletrack for super long and the singletrack sections weren't far and few between. the highlight of my ride was on the only kinda long climb 3 riders passed me- nat ross, chris eatough and carlos smack dab between them. that was pretty cool. my only complaint was the flower trail! that poor trail. i looked forward to that course because of that trail... i remembered how it felt like you entered a different world when you popped in there. no more. very sad. i hope it recovers some day.
congrats to everybody who finished that race and especially those who came home with the stars and bars. how freakin' rad is that!

to end i leave you with a picture of what it looks like after you win the 24 hour duo:

i think everybody snapped this pic.


Chris said...

OK, next year you gotta race -- Flower Trail was definitely a whole new world during the night laps! But I know what you mean -- the logging just sucked the life out of parts of the course.

Ronsta said...

Is that good advertising or what?
Thanks for hanging out with us and helping Barb keep us awake through the late night laps. It was a blast!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to John for the kind words for xXx and Team 44!! Y'all rock!