more of the same

back to work, trying to fit rides in... you know the drill.
i've been meaning to put barends on the eriksen but have kind of been too lazy.
i think i'm stalling because i don't know if i want to cut the grip or just slide everything in a bit.
moots went out last night... i really need a shorter reach bar. i have my eyes on a cheapie aluminum to check out and if it's all good i'll invest in a new stem for my rad bar i have sitting in the bike part closet.
franklin is this weekend. hopefully it won't be too much of a scorcher! start drinking now.
it's wednesday night so i'll be out at palos. it'll be nice to get out.
pasta bowl for lunch today. if you are ever in the city it's definitely a place to check out. the farfalle pollo is to die for!


That Guy said...

Nothing can match Portillos!!!!