crispy wheezes

i rode tonight real quick. 14 pavement miles. it was chilly. i remembered my shuffle which was amazing.
the cooler air made me wheeze a little. hard to catch my breath. i told myself it was because i was hungry. sounds dumb, but anything for it not to be a sign of things to come.
ups called today and said they were making a delivery on thursday between 8am and 7pm... if somebody isn't here to sign it gets sent back. f*ckers.


regina said...

They seriosuly gave you an 11 hour time frame...that's a bunch of crap.

The chilly air yesterday made it hard to breathe for me too. I think it's just trying to break in the lungs for fall/winter.

Tom K said...

probably too late now, but I've left notes with my signature before, and they took it. but they have never called me in advance, so might not work for you.

D A N O said...

It must be worth $10K????

spicyride said...

it's the xbox coming back from repair. if they called and said somebody has to sign for it a note probably won't work. luckily i work from home on thursdays. but now i'm chained to my house.

julie said...

that sucks. UPS. jerks.

i too am getting wheezier by the day. i think the inhaler's coming with from now on.