home early

zoe has a croupe-like cough. took her to the doc to make sure nothing was in her lungs. i have asthma and am super sensitive to anything related to breathing and coughing. i know its better to be safe than sorry.
she's only got a head cold. i figured as much but i wanted to be sure. and besides when you go in they always tell you what they can take- like children's benadryl allergy and give you the dosage. if you go to the store to get it and ask for the doseage the pharmacist says talk to your doctor. if you call your doctor, they say we have to see them.
ride tonight? it's john's night. maybe he'll be back early? if not, i'll bust a light out.
a few errands tonight. thinking about it john may be too excited to ride... hal
o 3 came out today and he pre-ordered it.
not only is he a bike geek, he's a video game nerd. he made fun of himself last night because he was watching the countdown for the release of halo 3.
i took the time to really stretch my back. it helped a lot. but i still think i need to do something about it.
edit: maybe i won't be going for a ride. i just looked at the radar. yikes!


mountaingoat said...

It just stopped raining here. I'm going riding!

julie said...

yeah, finally cool enough to ride and now, the rain comes. jerks.

I hope Zoe gets better. I imagine if I ever have kids I'll be calling the Dr's office so often they start screening my calls.