my back kills

i'm guessing my chair at work is aggravating it. i wasn't able to bend down and change zoe this morning but it loosened up later. then i got to work. it was painful at work. my back was constantly on my mind as i felt it twinge all day.
no ride tonight. responsibility made me go to the store and then come home and pay bills since i didn't do it this weekend.
i'm in panic mode. i need to get out and ride. summer is gone and the snow and cold will be here before we know it. yes, i know you can ride in the cold and snow, but it's not my favorite.
bike building this weekend hopefully. i think i miss it. i usually have built something new again by now.
i think i sold the lemond. i'm kind of bummed as i don't need to get rid of it at this point. my wheels have long since been paid for which was my original reason for selling it. but at the same time, the offer is there, so i'll take it. maybe i'll get a frame for myself and build a 1x9. i just got a noir ss carbon crank with carbon guard and i have wheels (cranks and wheels are always the hard part (expensive) part). everything else is easy and/or here already. i know exactly what i want. it's just a matter of being able to get it. i hate being obsessive sometimes.


Tom K said...

go see a doctor already. want a number? maybe he can get you in saturday.

if you go, you'll be praising him on your blog soon.

velogrrl said...

does it hurt more after a day at work, or more the day after a race/riding and long car ride to and from the race?
could one of your crashes gotten you out of alignment?

velogrrl said...

whoops, I meant "have gotten".

do you have a full suspension trail bike with a more upright position you could ride for the next few rides? just to see if it makes a difference?

vegan said...

Tom's right -- our chiropractor is wonderful and you usually get a good back massage out of it too. He's in Orland but by Wolf Road, I think.

mountaingoat said...

Maybe you shouldn't crash so much.