my back

ouch. i have one of those velcro disposable heat things on it today. hopefully this will loosen it up a bit. not that i enjoy touching my toes but i miss being able to do it. i hate hurting anything, but the back is the worst! i have no idea what i did. age?
friday and saturday were pretty mellow with john being gone. the kids and i went to the park on saturday and then went to the patio for dinner. casey has been talking about eating there for awhile now. i had ridden with brad out at palos earlier. it was cold! jersey, arm warmers, knickers and a vest. i never wanted to strip any of it off.
sunday i headed out to the mesa with gina. it was a fun ride. chatted and rode. i think i kicked up every stick out on the trail. the little albert's are super aggressive and wanted to grab everything. i have my next tires picked out but availablity is sucky at best, at least for the 26".
i am half way through a whole bag of swedish fish right now. i vote that these little red gems are pretty much the best candy ever.


MTB Girl said...

Oooooh. I feel for you. Ice though.....that's what is "supposed" to be the best. And Aleve. It sucks getting older, doesn't it??

Tom K said...

Swedish Fish are AWESOME.

We have an awesome chiropractor if you want his number. He's in SW Orland, which is a pain to get to, but well worth it.

joeyTWOwheels said...

No no... Circus Peanuts. Mmmmmm.

I like da 'fish, too.

velogrrl said...

Hope the back is feeling better today.

Someone suggested alternating ice and heat to me. I usually just do ice.

You could also try "liedowns" which mean lying on your back on a firm (non-bed) surface with your knees up, arms palms up at your side and your head on a book (the book is to stretch out your neck). They say 20 minutes 3 times a day but do what you can. Over time it's supposed to help the tight muscles relax and lengthen and take some of the pressure off the discs.

spicyride said...

its funny you say that... my neck started hurting first. my back seems to hurt the worst sitting in my office chair.
i'm trying to get a ball.
and joe- circus peanuts? they can't come close to red fish. although john used to keep those in his jersey and use them as his "gu".

velogrrl said...

the ball should help once you get it. if you drape yourself over it with head hanging down and arms and toes touching the ground it will stretch you out. though for me sometimes it just feels worse, I'm not sure why!

I tried using an exercise ball as my office chair a long time ago but I don't anymore.

the way it was explained to me, (and I'm sure it's more complicated than this) is that the neck and the lumbar spine have a direct relationship and the thoracic spine and the sacrum do too. So if you have issues in your lumbar spine it will also mess up your neck and maybe cause pain there too, and vice versa.