i haven't ridden since sunday. i didn't bring my bike to work today as i ran out of time. evenings are hectic with getting home when i do, homework, dinner, baths and getting kids into bed. then it's clean up dinner, kids clothes ready for tomorrow, etc. i didn't have time to get my clothes and bike together as i was exhausted. bummer. other nights i just don't go to bed until well after i should. i'm hoping to make it home in time to get out even if it's only for a short while. i'd even ride my road bike.
in more exciting news the new stuff from twin six is up. i'm excited. just in time for my need to always buy clothes this time of year.


joeyTWOwheels said...

Don't they have bikes for you to ride at the office?

Damn, all of those new Twin Six Ts rock out. Southie, Miss and Out, Speedy, Bike Nerd!

Bring on the gift giving (and receiving) season!