good times

we spent all day in peoria for casey's competition. she ended up 2nd out of 7 teams. it was a super long day but at least it ended on a good note. she stayed with reese overnight in the hotel room and swam til she couldn't swim anymore so i hear.
i wanted to try my hand at cross this weekend. but i didn't know if wanted to try it because i couldn't. there was no way i could go to janesville with john today because someone had to be here for casey to get back. i didn't want to ask anyone to take the kids again for 8 hours while i tried cross. as it was i already had to ask my gram to watch zoe for an hour or so.
woke up sunday not sure if i'd be going to the poker ride. not sure how that's fair, but whatever. i called my gram to see if she'd watch zoe for an hour or so. she said no problem. i had to leave at 9, but john wouldn't have to leave til, i was thinking 11 or so.
i left for the poker ride on an empty stomach. i had only eaten a piece of toast. when will i learn. anyway got there and helped set up a bit, took some registrations, got dressed and everyone started milling around to leave.
the lots at palos were packed. everywhere. i think everyone that owned a mountain bike was out there today.
i couldn't decide if i wanted to do the fast or intermediate ride. i saw people i knew in the intermediate ride and nobody i knew in the fast ride. then i saw tony, ed, stan, rick and ryan in the fast ride. ha, i can hang with them so i wandered over. i knew the intermediate was going to be on the slow side. which i don't mind, but its definitely more fun riding slower with people you actually hang out with.
the ride started. at times the pace was probably like a sport women's race and at times slower. but it was fun and i felt the burn more than a few times. it took awhile to adjust to riding rigid again as well as the 29er not to mention the singlespeed.
the route we went couldn't have been more perfect.
by the time we hit 3 ravines i was tired and hungry (i had a gel, but we were almost done, or at least i would be i had to get zoe). the rigid felt very well, rigid. i didn't even stop sweating and i was on my way to pick up zoe.
grabbed us some lunch, casey joined us and we headed back out to the ride. what else were we gonna do? it was too nice to hang out in the house.
it wasn't what i expected. the people i thought would still be there weren't. but that changed as i got into a different groove and casey started playing the games. she won the bike limbo. it was so cool. she was so excited. the crowd would go wild when she went under on her micro mini redline. she won easily of course. she got a new seatbag to match her new fisher.
she's still stoked.
we headed home around 5:30 or so and hit up the plush horse to get ice cream... for dinner. mint chip in chocolate sprinkled cones. yum. i think it was the first time zoe had ice cream.


D A N O said...

I remember my first ice cream :-)

Sounds like we both need lessons in pre ride food intake.

julie said...

hey, if you ever need anyone to keep an eye on the kids at a CX race while you're out there, i'd be willing. i did get my red cross babysitter's certification, oh... 15 years ago or so. :)

spicyride said...

thanks julie. very much appreciated.